The usual commercial supplies of pure copper are used for the most critical of electrical applications such as the production of fine and superfine enamelled wires. It is essential that purity is reproducibly maintained in order to ensure high conductivity, consistent annealability and freedom from breaks during rod production and subsequent wire drawing. Since the applied enamel layers are thin but have to withstand voltage, they must have no surface flaws; consequently the basis copper wire must have an excellent surface quality. Primary copper of the best grade is used for producing the rod for this work. Uncontaminated recycled process scrap and other scrap that has been electrolytically refined back to grade 'A' quality may also be used.

Company Bio's

At Safran Metals, we believe that our employees are family...

Paul Safran - 1939-1998, Original President and Founder

Original President and Founder of Safran Metals, started the company in 1939 after emigrating from Germany. Bringing his knowledge of the industry from his homeland, Paul quickly built Safran Metals into one of the most respected scrap metal processors in the mid-west. Paul continued to stay active with both the company and its customers until his death in 1998.

Steve Safran - 1967 - Current, President

Steve Safran began with Safran Metals in 1967, getting a feel for every aspect of the company, from the making of lead hammers and driving a scrap truck, to buying and selling of Comex copper. Steve went on to the role as Vice President and then President in 1982. Under his leadership, Steve brought a wire chopping line to Safran Metals, further expanding their capabilities and helping them grow to the full service operation they are today.

Before starting at Safran, Steve was an auditor for the Canteen Corporation as well as an active reserve in the Coast Guard. Steve earned his B.A. in accounting from Bradley University and in his free time enjoys sailing, tennis golf and bridge.

Allan Baron - 1984 - Current, Vice-President

After serving in the army from 1958-1961 Allan began his scap metal career at R Lavin and Sons as a supervisor from 1961-1967. He continued his career serving as executive VP of purchasing and sales at Sipi Metals from 1967-1983. Allan joined Safran Metals family in 1984 and currently resides as the vice president.

Allan spends much of his time fishing on lake Michigan, where he has earned the nickname Polar "Baron".

Todd Safran - 2005 - Current, Vice-President

Like his father, Todd Safran started at the bottom of Safran Metals before becoming Vice President in 2005. As an intern at the company from 1998-2002, Todd weighed and sorted metal on the chopping line to get the complete feel of every aspect of the business.

Before working at Safran, Todd received his B.A. from the University of Arizona and was involved in the commodity futures market and the Chicago Board of Trade, of which he is still an active member.